A Modern Circe

Plato’s infamous story claims it is the Utopian Lost Kingdom of Atlantis, that sank deep into the ocean after a cataclysmic night induced by the wrath of Gods. Modern scientists lend some credibility to this narrative by attributing its current shape and form to the gigantic volcano eruption during the 2nd millennium B.C.; which also led to the demise of the Minoan Civilization. And an ancient Greek legend postulates that it was created from the soil of nearby Anafi, as a safe place for the impregnated by Poseidon’s son Euphemus, nymph Calliste (no less than the daughter of God Triton herself). According to this version Euphemus named this island Calliste-the fairest of all – in honor of his paramour. Subsequently, following theirs son’s, Thera’s, birth, it was soon after renamed Thera.

Truth and fiction are seamlessly blended in the case of Santorini; arguably the most iconic destination in Greece-if not the whole of Europe.

The once desolate, earthquake and poverty stricken island in the southern part of the Aegean, has nowadays become the Mediterranean’s greatest star: A world class, coveted destination that attracts eager visitors from the four corners of the planet.

In fact Santorini has become some sort of a cult -there is even a replica of the island in Thailand! But this is no wonder. Boasting a one of a kind, astonishingly dramatic scenery-one never forgets the sight of Oia and Fira seemingly suspended over the imposing cliffs, as the ship slowly makes its way to the port of AthiniosSantorini is a perfect mix of unique geology and morphology, striking natural beauty, rich history and culture, amazing food and drink, designer shopping and 5 star services.

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